1874 / 1931 / 2024

Built by early settlers in 1874, the Tomales Town Hall is one of the oldest continually used community buildings in California.

It sits in the center of the village of Tomales, among rolling hills and pastures in the northwest corner of Marin County, California.

In 1931, the Hall underwent a major renovation from which it received its distinctive facade. With its 150th anniversary approaching in 2024, we have embarked upon a second campaign to restore and upgrade the Hall. 

The mission of the Hall is anchored in preserving the building and its history, and extends into programming of all kinds that might benefit the regional community.

space for special occasions

Located on a rural stretch of coastal Highway One, with a handsomely maintained interior, the Hall is a welcoming space for special occasions. The main hall features large windows, a wooden bar, and a stage. The downstairs offers a full kitchen and a more utilitarian meeting space. Out the side doors to the south lies a grassy lawn partly shaded by the branches of a Buckeye tree.

A wonderful setting for special occasions, the Hall is versatile and also comfortably accommodates workshops, meetings, and classes of various kinds. 


A Place for Local Gatherings

The Town Hall has been a hub of civic and social life in the Tomales community for almost 150 years.

In that time, the Hall has hosted meetings, clubs, and civic groups, weddings, quinceañeras, and celebrations of various kinds, concerts, classes, workshops, art shows, readings, and screenings.

See our Featured Events listing for upcoming special events. For the schedule of monthly town meetings, see the Town Meetings listing.  For weekly recurring events and classes such as the food pantry and yoga, see Community Events & Classes.

To stay up to date, keep your eye on our event listings, subscribe to our mailing lists, and visit us on Facebook. Then join us for a gathering!

Time to Carry It Forward

With the approach of the 150th anniversary of the Hall, we have embarked on an ambitious project. Both restoration and renewal, the Rejuvenation campaign will carry the building into the next century. Our goal is to preserve the Hall's historic qualities while making further upgrades to enhance the Hall's function and services.


Along the way, we'll strengthen the ties of community that are the lifeblood of the Hall.


Friends of the hall

There are many ways to be a friend of the Hall. You might want to volunteer time and skills, and get to know your neighbors in the process. You could donate money, contributing toward specific funds or assisting with much-needed operating expenses. Any amount helps.

Whatever forms they take, your contributions will be warmly welcomed and gratefully received by the wider Hall community. We don't have a formal membership program, but rather an informal network of dedicated volunteers and donors — Friends of the Hall.

PHOTOS THIS PAGE: Banner (top): (1) Southern view of the Town Hall from Buckeye tree lot. (2) Tomales Town Hall, June 2017. Photo: Laura Trippi. (3) Dancers at One Grass, Two Grass concert, 2016. Photo: Pete Thoshinsky. About the Hall: View of Tomales c. 1900 looking south. Photo: Ella Jorgensen; courtesy Tomales Regional History Center. Special Occasions: Background: Tomales Town Hall interior. Photo: Val Atkinson. Inset: Main Hall set for a wedding. Photo: Unknown. Local Gatherings: Inset: One Grass Two Grass warming up in the Buckeye Lot for July 30, 2016 concert. Photo: Peter Thoshinsky. Carry It Forward: Background: Southern view of the Town Hall from Buckeye tree lot. Photo: Unknown. Inset: Elevation drawing. Friends of the Town Hall: Volunteer construction crew on a ladder, 1931. Photo: Ella Jorgensen; courtesy Tomales Regional History Center. Slideshow (bottom): (1) Dancers at Attila Viola & The Bakersfield Boys concert, 2016. (2) Work crew. (3) Artist Beth Koelker next to a sign she designed at the 2011 Pig Roast. (4) Diners outside the Hall at the 2011 Pig Roast. (5) Friends talk outside the Hall at One Grass, Two Grass concert, 2016. Photo: Pete Thoshinsky.