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Construction volunteers: (l-r) Lee Erickson, Trevor Brand, Bill Bonini, Paul Duffey, David Judd.

The Tomales Town Hall is more than just the building and the grounds. It comes alive through the people who sustain it and those who participate in its many events.

Friends of the Hall encourage interest, communication, and involvement in the Hall's mission. In many ways, the Friends are the Hall's foundation, lending support, encouragement, and assistance of all kinds for what we do.

We invite you to become part of our community and a friend of the Hall. Attend an event, volunteer, donate to support the Hall, and enjoy our historic building. You can also follow us on Facebook.


Volunteer crew at the end of a workday.

Volunteering has been the mainstay of this community building since 1874 when it was built by neighboring settlers. The Hall has been maintained and operated by volunteers ever since. This long tradition of volunteerism is one we encourage and proudly carry on.

The ideal volunteer is doing something he or she enjoys and has talent and a passion for.

Opportunities to share your knowledge, your enthusiasm, and your energy with us range from bookkeeping to carpentry, cooking to photography, from graphic art to gardening and IT assistance.

To find the best fit, we ask prospective volunteers to complete a simple application form (below).

The following is a sampling of our volunteer needs:

  • Communications: Written, oral, on-stage, interviews, e-newsletter, etc.

  • Events: Management of event, serving/bussing/bartending, set-up and clean up, ticket-taking and door patrol, publicity.

  • Teaching: Tutoring school students, teaching a class such as Spanish or dance.

  • Maintenance: Washing windows, touch-up cleaning between rentals, changing light bulbs.

  • Building: Our construction team has projects for all skill levels from sweeping and digging to plumbing and framing.

  • Clerical: Bookkeeping, record keeping, inventory control, data analysis.

  • HR: Volunteer coordinator, programs coordinator, board consultation, outreach.


I happened to be a Trustee with the Town Hall…. We had a few dollars saved up … and finally we decided to remodel it.… It’s been a struggle to keep it a-going all these years…. It’s really needed in a way. And then … if it weren’t there, a fellow’d miss it, you know?
— Romeo Cerini (1888—1981) from an interview circa 1979

The Tomales Town Hall has long served a community of villages along CA State Highway One, spanning the boundary of Marin and Sonoma counties.

Donations sustain the Hall and make the work of running it possible, from ongoing maintenance to major upgrades, and from day-to-day operations to events that inspire and benefit our friends and neighbors.

We depend on your support. The Hall is a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization, so your donations are tax deductible. Please give what you can to keep the Hall and its history alive as a space for civic gatherings in West Sonoma/Marin.

Auction at the Tomales Town Hall Pig Roast Fundraiser, with Bert Crews (l) and auctioneer (r), 2009.

Scott Lawson in his ’59 Porsche 356 with Cleo & Juliet Hadid. Tomales Founders’ Day Parade, date unknown.

Stories from the Hall

Banner (top): Volunteer construction crew on a ladder, 1931. Photo: Ella Jorgensen; courtesy Tomales Regional History Center.