Introducing Rejuvenation: Follow along with us!

This first blog post will introduce you to the Tomales Town Hall’s Rejuvenation project. In the early planning and fundraising stages, things are still partly conceptual, but our overall goal is clear: to bring the old building up to current standards of structure, safety, function, and accessibility while preserving its historic quality and simple attitude. Follow along with us as the plans formalize and the work proceeds. I’ll keep you up to date with thoughts, drawings, and photos as things evolve.

Construction projects are nothing if not dynamic; our concepts will help keep things on track, and we have written a simple set of Rejuvenation Design Guidelines to refer to when our priorities become complicated.

At this early stage, besides general design planning, we are gathering ideas and advice from both local Town Hall users and from experts in particular fields. We have submitted a grant to the National Trust for Historic Preservation that we hope will partially finance the necessary engineering plans.

I love construction projects — the combination of physical strength, knowledge, and creativity involved, the hands-on attitudes of the workers, even the sound of hammers pounding nails. So I am curious, a little apprehensive, excited, and very hopeful about this undertaking we have taken on. I hope you are too.